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Learn the Basics

Intermediate Tactics



Hey Courtyard Chess!

As the new school year kicks off for me and approaches for many of you, I'm ramping up my efforts to bring in additional tutors. This way, we can ensure there's ample availability for lessons during the busy weekdays. Keep the chess games going and stay committed to your puzzle practice!


Just returned from the national tournament in Washington D.C!  It was an amazing experience and I ended up playing a National Master in the final round!  My hard work paid off and I received the first place medal for my division.  Keep up with your puzzles and studying!
Thanks :) ✌️

Hey Chess People,

I just returned from the National Tournament in D.C.  It was lots of fun and I definitely learned a lot while playing against high-rated opponents!  I will continue to update the featured puzzles.  Keep on playing!


Hello Chess People,

Hope you are having a great summer break!  Free lessons are in full swing.  Click on the "Lessons" tab above and you'll be connected to a varsity-level high school chess player.


Hey Chess People!

Just returned from nationals; it was a great experience playing talented players from across the US.  The site is just about finished and running!


Merry Christmas!

Keep following this website for newly updated tactics and chess strategy!  

Intermediate Progression

Congratulations!  You have successfully learned the basics and all of the rules associated with this mind game!  In this section, you will be able to practice intermediate to advanced tactics!  Go here to continue.


“I have come to the personal conclusion that while all artists are not chess players, all chess players are artists.”

– Marcel Duchamp

Learning the Basics

There are a lot of rules to chess.  Learn the basics of chess and all the rules in Beginner Basics!  Have fun on your exciting chess adventure!

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