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The Pawn!

  • The pawn start at a-h2 for white and a-h7 for black (if you don't know what this means, check out the chess notation page)

  • The pawns only move forward one square at a time (unless it moves from the starting position where it can move forward up to two squares!) 

  • The pawn captures your opponents pieces diagonally 

  • If there is another piece in front of your pawn (even one of your pieces), it cannot advance directly forward

  • If there is another piece if front of your pawn, but an opponent's piece diagonally from your pawn, then it can capture it diagonally

  • Pawns cannot move backward

  • If a pawn reaches the last rank on the other side of the board, it can get promoted (we will talk about this in the Terms section)

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Chess Pawn.webp

The Pawn

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